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Hansard translation failed game full inventory

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       listening to foreign language film Heartbreakers, surly Chinese dubbing, I had the impulse to smash the TV, dubbing and translation of Chinese, as if only one of the two or three people called machinery in that, when are we going to do it as a form of art and industry? After all, good art, and deflated the spoil of the poor translation and dubbing.

         , games of Hansard in the initial cursory, our translators have more and more attention to this seemingly simple actual bearing too much of the way, today I'll give you counts most is not responsible for and one of the most brilliant game Hansard now!

         1, and world of Warcraft

          original name: World of warcraft

          in fact, Warcraft in English is not, Blizzard is probably Wu Zetian, create their own vocabulary. Analysis of single letter, war is war carft is technology. That added together should be the meaning of the art of war, the literal translation, should be called the war of the world or the art of war.

          of Warcraft stand-alone and network spontaneously remove the version of the game named after one race-the Orcs, why did you like the Orcs, and not Elf world hegemony and not cattle or thieves world, has no proof, maybe the translator when playing CS!

          names used in the latter part of the 80 's TV show hideous, often use the word "hegemony", not by reminded me of the Lotus dance and the God of cookery hegemony, the Lion King and other conventional name, but anyway, this strange name, now sits in an age of the spirit of the game, then, Let it continue to rule it!

         2 and the need for speed

          original name: Need for Speed

          single literally, literal translation is "the need to speed", which translated as "need for speed", this Acura is not whether it is cars need for speed need for it, confusing (I can't help but think the best son, the best girls, love poems, and sweat! )。 Word speed also could not reflect the essence of SPEED, a little bit of biker gangs suspects.

          translation is "much pleasure" extreme pleasure out the car's pursuit of a feeling, the sense of commitment and empathy than the need for speed is better. But this need for speed has been rooted in China, then we no longer ask if it is good or bad.

         3, half life

this translation was too failed, serious words too literally translation, life has several meanings, the most common are "life" means "life, life" mean, life here is obviously the latter, the transliteration "half-life", city, used to directly translated as "half life", might as well call "alive"! Taiwan in this regard is smart enough to avoid possible ambiguity the literal translation, but "thriller, time and space" ...

         4, Soul calibur:Broken Destiny-soul: broken destiny

          soul series-the new Broken Destiny into the fate of damaged or, even worse, as "the fate of being damaged" passives are translated, not cattle would be difficult to do. I will not say more, all fun about it.

         , of course, a translation of such a rash and a fine translation of names, following several games, I am very well!

Tower of          5, the eternal

          original name: Aion:The Tower Of Eternity

         Eternity "eternal" also has the meaning of "afterlife, immortality" mean, dress, took the former as "Aion", Taiwan took the latter as "everlasting era".

          here to spread knowledge outside of the game, after all, we play the game is not only fun, to play the content.

          why is the eternal Tower instead of eternal pillars or bridge to eternity, which is fine, on the tower is often linked with the Buddhist, such as stupas, pagodas, usually used to put the Sari, which is sacred and solemn. In Korea, there are many pagoda also houses the Shakyamuni Buddha, n Seoul Tower is magnificent, is the Department of tourism will go. In Korea people's hearts, is noble and sacred.

          so what is Aion?

          It is said that Aion is the magic chronicles a world in balance before a tower, full name Aiontion ... ...

          way, Aion is liyateleite the creation of the world God created games, in a Word, Aion is very mysterious, there can be many people study it.

         6, Metal Gear-Metal Gear Solid/Dragon spy shadow

          meaning of the two words namely, metal, plant, according to original Granin in MGS3 metal gear explained that metal gear mean is joining the infantry and artillery to the metal installations. Thus civil society generally is called "Metal Gear Solid" (officially translated as "Dragon spy shadow", is a clear translation of the Chinese action movie-style to please the Chinese public law), also translated as "burning chariot", and there are even called "Metal Gear Solid" ... ... What good are these translations, is a matter of opinion, reflects the understanding of the different aspects of the game, and illustrates the way is being repeated to temper, which is comforting.

          in addition, the Chinese foreign-language name of the game is also interesting. Tian long BA BU Edition with a tricky English name: Dracon otah.

         Dracon for Draco, oath meaning oath, a Chinese martial arts names immediately become Ocean flavor, and romantic, although this name seem to have are far removed from the plot of the game itself, when foreigners to play a little scratching their heads. However, the title of the party well, catch the eye is the first step, HA HA.

          more and more games will be agents, have been introduced, expecting one to accurately describe the name of the game comes, reflecting the wisdom of the Chinese nation, come on!