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Interpreters, translators will be implementing the national vocational qualification system

       the future, interpreters, translators, China will implement the national vocational qualification system. Translation professional translator and Assistant positions are no longer the validation, but replaced with a second interpretation and translation.  

under the new system, translation of professional qualifications (level) exam consists of four levels, interpreting and translation in two parts. Most senior to senior translators, the starting level for level III. Than senior translators and a translation respectively to implement assessment and evaluation combined with two ways out, and the other two levels are implemented nation-wide.  

in addition to the Declaration of translation officers are required to have a senior-level interpreting or translation translation qualifications (level) certificate, who abide by the Constitution and the laws, abide by professional ethics, people with a certain foreign language proficiency, can take part in the examination of the corresponding languages, levels. In the employment of foreign personnel in China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in accordance with the requirements of the professionals, can also apply for and apply for registration. People's Republic of China translation profession qualification (level) certificate valid nationwide. Personnel provisions, employer appointment made as needed secondary interpretation, translation or interpretation, translation three qualifications (level) certificate, and in compliance with the professional regulations for the trial implementation of translation staff.  

in future, the State will also be imposed on translation certificate registration system on a regular basis, once every 3 years. Certified translation must do so before expiration, continuing education or business training certificate to the specified register.