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Master of translation education building

"master of translation" (MTI) of ideas put forward in March 2005 and after several expert groups, argues that its set programme (that is, the master set of translation programme) in January 2007, the State Council degree Committee 23rd meeting consideration and adoption. Academic degree Committee of the State Council was issued on March 30, 2007 "on the orders of the master plan of translation" 2007[11] notification. In May 2007, the academic degree Committee of the State Council launched a nationwide master of translation pilot report, 15 colleges and universities, such as Peking University, national pilot qualifications obtained a Masters degree in translation, recruitment has already started. Master's degree in translation (MTI) settings, is undoubtedly a milestone in the development of translation studies in China in recent years, China train high-level, application-oriented professional translators to provide an important way to point out the direction for the development of the discipline of translation in China. Professional master degree programme launched a set of translation, translation is home of many universities and industry concerns, many universities want to declare my master's degree in translation.  

     vision is the author of the master of translation in early 2005, and has been the academic Xu Jun translation Professor, Professor Xie Tianzhen, Professor Murray's support. By Guangdong language foreign trade University to State degree do submitted of on set and pilot translation master professional degree of recommends and the translation master pilot training programme (draft) by has State degree do of attention, degree do quickly organization has three times experts argument will and to State degree Committee submitted has translation master professional degree set programme and the description, in State degree Committee 23rd times Conference Shang considered and through. As an advocate, author of "master of translation" to delight beyond words table to set, but happy at the same time, also deeply worried for the degree of future construction, building translation master's degree education on a personal opinion, in the hope that the pilot units and reported to reveal points of teaching.

    , on the subject of the infrastructure

     master of translation discipline relies on foreign language and literature, foreign language and literature in China in the development of economic construction and the need for cultural exchanges with foreign countries and led to new subjects. Master's degree in translation is still in start-up and pilot phase, therefore asked the pilot or the applicant already has a long history of foreign language and literature graduate education experience. State degree do in on carried out declared translation master professional degree education pilot work of notification (degree do (2007) 19th,) in the, on declared translation master professional degree pilot units of subject based proposed has clear of requirements: "has foreign language literature level subject Dr points; or has English language literature or foreign Linguistics and the application Linguistics two level subject Dr points, and has opened translation (translation learn, and translation theory and practice,) professional direction, and has two session above of master graduates. ”

     master pilot unit has expressly requested translation of documents of "Ph" translation professional graduate and has many years of training experience. 15 schools in 2007, pilot qualifications are in line with these requirements. China's only foreign language and literature subject doctoral level 6, interdisciplinary doctoral II 37. At the current domestic demand for high-level application-oriented talents, only this discipline training master of translation students are unable to meet the demand of society. Therefore, once the master of translation pilot success after the release, the State Council degree should be considered part of the first and second subjects already have foreign language and literature program and has a better translation teaching base units as master of translation education points.

     of interest declared master of translation units, should be the first thing for the "master of translation" lay a good foundation for the discipline, as master of translation points of development provide fertile ground for growth.

     second, the construction of teaching staff

     degree (2007), 19th, 2007 master of translation teachers ' conditions of the pilot unit has put forward the following three requirements: (1) translation master core curriculum and major course shall be equipped with at least 2 full-time teachers, and with a wealth of teaching experience, including professors and PhD is required to reach a certain percentage (2) master of translation an important teacher of compulsory courses in the core curriculum and strong interpretation or translation experience no less than 70%; translation teachers should bear the official translation tasks of the more than 300,000 words, interpreting teachers should take part in more than 20 formal occasions Lian Chuantong transmission tasks, (3) there are a number of experienced translators from the translation sector as a part-time teacher.

     is a master of translation culture of "high-level, application-oriented, professional" feature of professional translation and personnel. Therefore, also put forward new requirements for teachers. In the past 30 years, many colleges and universities in our country in foreign language and literature under the second-level disciplines, with "translation" (or the theory and practice of translation), training a large number of studies master of Arts in translation direction (PhD). Foreign language and literature under the two disciplines has a "translation" is characterized in the direction of research, research-oriented teachers giving lectures. While the new master of translation requires the teachers themselves have a lot of interpretation, translation practice to avoid paper type of teaching, cultivating the professional practice of translation talents.

     of translation teaching in China's colleges and universities teachers or research-oriented, so master of translation should be targeted to introduce or develop their teaching staff. This faculty should be highly educated, high title, along with rich practical experience in translation or interpretation.

     third, the teaching infrastructure

     master of translation teaching facilities for teaching points put forward higher requirements. Traditional teaching of translation for teaching almost no requirements for equipment, and master of translation aims to train professional translators, so according to the different direction, have different requirements on the teaching infrastructure.

     for interpretation, translation master teaching points: (1) digital language lab and simultaneous interpretation laboratory and (2) has a large number of speech learning and practice materials, including the original voice of various meetings and written materials for use by students, (3) has a wealth of resources on the network. Better units require a computer-aided teaching software and interpretation resources.

     for the translation direction, master of translation teaching: (1) modern teaching equipment, better teaching and learning environment, (2) rich translation tools and translation studies, translation teaching materials, (3) a variety of translation teaching and application software.

     master of translation and the professional practice of translation sector have close contacts and cooperation, can provide a good translation translation practice base for professional master degree education.

     information request we make full use of the modern education technology training specialized talents. Master of translation on the one hand to invest according to the requirements of training specialized talent acquisition of equipment, on the other hand requires that teachers can quickly master the use of equipment technology, really do more with less.

     four, teaching construction

     construction including discipline, curriculum, teaching materials and practical teaching base, style of teaching teams and management teams, seven construction. Construction is the basic task of teaching management in these areas, directly serving the teaching infrastructure and form a stable, good teaching and learning environment and conditions, guarantee the teaching quality of basic work.

     both have obtained master's degree in translation pilot unit is about to declare the pilot units, should pay attention to teaching construction. Degree issued by the Office of the State Council of the programme for the master degree of translation settings only from the macro translation is available on professional master degree training program, requires education in accordance with local building requirements, professional characteristics, subject associations, teacher characteristics, developing their own distinctive curriculum program and course descriptions, training characteristic of professional translators. Education according to their own teaching strengths determine the direction of training, you can run "interpretation" and "translation" can be opened only in one direction. "Interpretation" can be set up with the goal of cultivating top-notch interpreters "International Conference interpretation", and can be set up to train "consecutive interpreting" talents "interpreting practice", also provided training translators mainly "technical interpretation" (nautical interpretation, military interpreters, and so on). "Translation" can have "business", "legal translation", "media translation", "translation", "translation of Chinese classics", "literary translation", and so on. Regardless of the direction opening, both scientific and reasonable curriculum, detailed course description, feasible implementation plans. Good management of teaching files and management level to ensure the effective implementation of the teaching plan.

     five, conclusion

     above, translation master professional degree education points only in above four a aspects, that subject based construction, and teachers team construction, and teaching basic facilities construction, and teaching capital, four a aspects for efforts, to good of foreign language literature subject for relies on, to excellent of teachers team for power, to advanced of teaching facilities, and teaching plans for guarantees, to construction good translation master professional degree education points, for national training high quality, and Applied professional translation talents.