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Social progress and the opening to the witness

     60 years since the founding of new China, along with China's social, political, economic, scientific, technological and cultural development, China's translation industry also continued to grow, eventually to the comprehensive development of the 21st century.  

    60 history of the development of Chinese translation the year shows that in our country, the translation is part of the party's work, the translator is working for the party and socialism, the motherland and; needs is development of translation of the party and State power; the progress of State power is a prerequisite for development of translation, strengthen cultural exchanges with foreign countries, and absorb all outstanding achievements of civilization, Enhance the international influence of Chinese culture is the history of the development of translation mission and social responsibility.

the founding of new China, translation into the new development track

     translation of our party has always attached great importance to the introduction and dissemination of revolutionary theory, introduces the role of science and culture. Comrade Mao Zedong pointed out that the new democracy, "China should absorb the progress of foreign cultures, as raw material for food for one's own culture, which also has not done enough in the past." Comrade Mao Zedong said in a speech at the opening of the seven, translation work is very important, don't think badly of translation work; we're going to translate, to understand foreign events still rely on the translations.

     was due to the attention of the party and the Government, after the founding of new China, the State sets a number of specialized agencies, such as international news agency (cipg), and Editorial Board for international broadcasting (predecessor of China Radio International), head of the Translation Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs translation (translation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and the people's literature Publishing House, Central Department of literature, and so on. These agencies form the new backbone of China's translation, is worthy of the "national team" in the revolutionary theory of Marxism and Leninism should be translated, introduce important social science literature, outstanding, international exchanges and outreach, enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between peoples, and plays an important role. According to statistics, new China established to 1966 zhiqian, only in social sciences aspects, that translation published has including Mao Zedong anthology, and Marty works and other various classics amounted to 512 species 186.44 million book, translation published of foreign ancient important academic works total about 1200 species, to 22 species language translation published of foreign philosophy, and economic, and history, aspects of books and about international Communist movement of literature amounted to more than 1500 more species. As the first President of the translators Association of China, a famous translator by Comrade Jiang Chunfang said, "it was after the founding of new China under the attention of the party and State, translations were only as a science, a country and a Government career to treat, and was included in the construction of Socialist culture and civilization of the new track".

reform and opening up, translation for a new climax

     there have been several translation climaxes in Chinese history, such as the translation of Buddhist scriptures of the Eastern Han dynasty to the Tang and Song dynasties, sci-tech literature translation of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, as well as the opium war to the "May Fourth" period of Western translation, became the forerunner of Chinese and foreign cultures and the exchange of ideas. And with more than 30 years of reform and opening the translation climaxes, both in terms of size, form, or in the level, quality and contribution to China's development, are unmatched by previous translation climaxes. Today, translation work is more than a tool, its scope is not limited to Foreign Affairs, literary works, and Lenin areas such as classics, but radiation into the political, economic, diplomatic, cultural, scientific and technological, and military aspects, build bridges of cultural exchange between China and the world.

     the reform and opening up achievements of the great development and prosperity of China's translation, and translation service in the leading force for reform and opening, to promote rapid modernization plays an important role in the new era.

     along with the reform and opening up and the development of translation, nationwide social organizations--the China translators ' Association (predecessor of the translators Association of China) was established in 1982. Since the establishment of the Organization, in an aggregate national strength, promote the translation of translation career management and standardize the translation industry, played an organization guide. Now, from the perspective of overall scale, translation from the original government agencies and related institutions, branch of the Research Institute developed into a profession, translation services as a new modern service industries continued to develop and grow. According to incomplete statistics, at present all kinds of translation services in China has more than more than more than 3,000 by the end of 2008, China's translation market has exceeded 30 billion yuan of output value. Translation as an independent discipline in higher education system, education from the past as an aid to teaching of foreign languages, developed into a professional education in cultivating professional talents of translators and translation studies, translation system better. Forms and means of translation, from translation, interpretation of Foreign Affairs also extends to simultaneous interpretation, depending on the translation, subtitling and other forms, and the development and application of new technologies, is breaking down traditional translation methods for thousands of years, machine translation and machine-aided translation and more important innovation.

     reviews development of translation in China since the reform and opening up, as you can see, translation work in the political, diplomatic, economic, military, science and technology, culture, external communications and national language translations in various fields have made historic achievements. Today, more and more parts of the world, they can read the Xinhua News Agency provides news in multiple languages contributions and features, read the English-language edition of the China daily, to see CCTV in English, French, Spain language TV broadcast around the world, news of China Radio international broadcasts in 43 languages. With the development of Internet technology, online media is on the rise, people's daily, the Xinhua News Agency, China network, international online sites every day for the first time in dozens of languages publishing up-to-date information about China to the international community. China foreign Council as bear party and national books journals network foreign publicity task of news published institutions, has 25 a languages, hundreds of name professional translation talent, foreign published China leader works and party literature, various foreign books, while published Beijing weekly, and today China, and China pictorial, and people China, more than 20 more species foreign publicity publications, to world more than 180 multiple national and area issued, cumulative published volume up 1.3 billion book. Central Translation Bureau over the years had translated and published the complete works of Marx and Engels, the complete works of Lenin and other classic works and various versions of the party and State leaders and other party literature. Translators on the diplomatic front in a variety of major international events, Chinese and foreign leaders, as well as on the negotiation table, contributing their wisdom and hard work. Translation of science and technology is one of the most active and important areas of work, translation work of the effective promotion of the strategy of national rejuvenation through science and education implementation and science and technology in China's modernization process. In cultural exchanges, sports, foreign economic relations and trade and other fields, the role and contribution of translation is self-evident.

     progress and development of Chinese translation, also received wide attention and recognition from the international translation community. August 2, 2008 to 7th, hosted by the translators Association of China International translator of the 18th World Congress held in Shanghai, from more than 70 countries of the world over more than 1500 translation experts, academics and representatives from the United Nations, UNESCO, the European Commission, more than more than 30 international organizations and representatives of the international authority to participate in the meeting. This is the international translators Federation was founded more than 50 years, first select the General Assembly held in China and Asia. And, this times Assembly in international translation joint history Shang also created has participation national and area number up, and participants number up, and submitted papers number up, and academic forum number up, multiple first, in Assembly election out of 17 name international translation joint governing in the, has two name from China, which one to high votes elected international translation joint first Deputy President, this in international translation joint history Shang also is first. As the former President of the International Federation of Translators Ruud Peters in a congratulatory letter to China's successful hosting of the World Congress said: "This shows that China is not only in the history of International Federation of Translators, and also in the development of global translation has played a pivotal role. "China's translation industry is subject to the attention of the world, thanks to attach great importance to the party and the State, benefit from the growth of the country's comprehensive national strength and international influence increased, thanks to the great progress of China's translation. In an era of new tide, development of translation has witnessed China's development, at the same time, an open, thriving China, needs the support of translation with the same flourish.

construction of cultural soft power, development of translation a new journey

     60 years since the founding of new China, with the improvement of China's international status and the development of foreign relations, enhance cultural soft power, improve foreign culture communication ability has been put on the agenda. The party's 17 major national cultural soft power, promoting Socialist cultural development and prosperity has made full deployment, fully reflects our party in the new historical period a high degree of cultural awareness and scientific grasp of cultural development.

     a nation's culture, accumulates the most profound spiritual pursuits and code of conduct. Course of human history, is the continuous exchange of civilizations, mutual complement and innovation processes. The hundred years since the late 19th century and early 20th century, Chinese intellectuals through translations of Western culture and the progress of scientific knowledge to promote China's social and economic development. Today, growing in China, international status and influence has risen notably, relationships form more closely with the world, China should not only continue to absorb all outstanding achievements of civilization, but also to focus on introducing Chinese culture to further enhance the influence of Chinese culture. China's 5,000 years of history and culture not only belongs to China, but also to the world, China ought to have in the new century to make its own contribution to the formation of the world culture.   Translation is an important channel of cultural communication, is to determine the effect of culture factors and underlying conditions, from a certain perspective, is also one of the country's foreign exchange level and the embodiment of humanistic environment construction. Foreign culture communication ability is the basis of cultural soft power construction projects. Translation work reflects cross-cultural, cross-language communication skills, ability to communicate important manifestation.

     translation of China's foreign cultural communication there is a prominent feature, that is, outside the main task is to translate, which is all kinds of information about China's translation from Chinese into foreign languages. International translation community recognized, best thing to do is to get a foreign language translators translate into their native language, but each translator to translate into native language is a challenge for both. However, due to the current development needs in China, also due to the particularity of the Chinese language and other reasons, there is not enough translators in the world can help China to take huge, growing in the foreign missions. Foreign translation work has to be borne mainly by the Chinese translators, and in the foreseeable future for a long period of time, this situation would not be changed fundamentally. Therefore, China to the world, improve the international influence of the Chinese culture, achieve the smooth exchange of contemporary Chinese culture and world culture, it is a historical responsibility and mission of Chinese translators.

     We should further enhanced suffering consciousness, strengthening on translation work science, and effective of organization and management, increased on translation work of input efforts, speed up training a support can bear increasingly expanded of foreign culture Exchange task of high quality, and professional of translation talent team, to more deep of awareness, more open of thought and more deli of measures, efforts promoted China translation career big development big prosperity, For the cause of socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics and make new and greater contributions.