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Translation industry has a new dynamic translation market is developing rapidly

with the deepening of China's reform and opening up, our country and the world in political, economic and cultural exchanges are becoming increasingly frequent, meanwhile, with infrastructure construction and improvement of the investment environment in China, large numbers of foreign investors to look to China, so China's foreign economic cooperation has reached an unprecedented peak. Particularly in 2002, China formally joined the World Trade Organization and become a member of the family of international economic and success at the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo bid, for the rapid development of translation industry has injected new impetus.  

Meanwhile, the growing globalization of the world, demand information localized also increased, translation as a new industry in the Chinese market is growing at an unprecedented pace of rapid development. According to information authorities show that in 2003, China's annual translation output has reached 12.7 billion yuan by 2005 is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan. Faced with such a huge profit translation market, how to better grasp the opportunities to open up new markets is a current within the translation industry related enterprises focus.  

today, the translation industry got the attention of many famous enterprises, forming a large-scale development. National Chiao Tung University Ming Thai company early in 2002 on established has East translation factory, after two years of market expand, translation service and information localized business constantly increased, currently has has more than 20,000 over interpreter, formed has experts layer, and core interpreter layer, and full-time interpreter layer, and associate full-time interpreter layer and part-time interpreter layer, five a each other added of collaboration level, business cover 25 a languages, and 32 a professional, and preparation has 173 a rare languages of team.  

jiaoda Ming Tai as a company with translation services and localization information for the main business of Hong Kong-listed company (HK8148), is the leader of the translation industry, is the largest provider of translation technologies and services, the Oriental translations provided by factory-scale processes and Masanobu CAT as the core technology of the translation software to government agencies and large enterprises at home and abroad information related to people at home.  

according to relevant statistics, China's existing translation professionals about 60,000 people employed on duty, hundreds of thousands of people are at different positions in different form of translation. Number of people to be interested in translations is growing to geometric figures. According to authorities estimates, because of the influence of Beijing Olympic Games and the World Expo in Shanghai's successful bid, in the nation's 250 million in foreign language learners to learn translation and translation in different forms than interest group at 55%, 70% per cent of whom are teenagers. Translation of these groups over the next 3-5 years, 80% above would become the mainstay of various industries and the backbone of the business, from now to invest in myself to learn to translate into individual consumption in the future, will be important components of consumer groups.  

undoubtedly, translation industry has increasingly by social mass of widely concern and attention, current times of development and market of needs also makes social can more full, and system to deepened on translation market of understand and awareness, translation industry in social development in the (as for China of foreign culture exchange and economic between) by play of role also more obviously, and will produced huge of economic and social effect, this also description future translation market of development space will is very huge.