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Where is the way out for Chinese translation company

Reform yilai, China of translation activities also with of constantly increased, translation work as foreign exchange of bridge, in promote foreign economic culture exchange, technology trade cooperation, aspects play of role increasingly highlight, with with economic globalization of constantly development, translation company rendering out numerous complex of diversity, also into has increasingly fierce of market competition State, but currently translation industry of development also in a chaos Chen miscellaneous of spontaneous State, so how seeking of better of survival and development, Explore the development of a better future have become adults needed to think about the problem.

in today of translation industry market competition in the, many translation company value is to survival and war, and no achieved translation company real of value, in selected people employing aspects no strictly of standard, think understand language on will translation of thought also is exists some people of thought among, so many of translation personnel no qualification certification standard, not has translation qualification of practitioners large exists, and in translation industry internal also exists with larger of problem. At present, the main problems in the quality of translation cannot be guaranteed, no detailed specialization, market prices are not standard. Product quality cannot be "well-founded and accurate judgment", making it impossible to be survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest.

market process is a process of quality competition, translation company quality services and excellent quality can be guaranteed to remain invincible in the competition, while the so-called quality source of professional and dedicated attitude. And talked about focused and professional, Shenzhen translation company Nobel pen is best of example, Nobel pen is can in fierce of translation territories competition in the invincible, from Yu company for quality of height pursuit, "reduced width, increased depth, to quality convincing, gradually to high-end" is Nobel pen has been adhering to of strategy culture, company focused Yu electronic telecommunications, and legal translation, eight big industry, To dig deep and explore the level in these fields, cultivation of talent to focus on the industry, Nobel believed that only focus on heart and professional attitude to do professional things, quality can be guaranteed.

Nobel pen on currently translation industry of status published has some views, now domestic of translation company and abroad of translation company compared also exists must of gap, domestic company to wants to development of better, Chase Shang abroad translation company development of footsteps, on should focus from quality and management Shang starts with to for change, first from quality Shang for, translation company to on himself has a right positioning, translation not simple of put text for mutual translation, translation also is a again created, This creates the need for some qualified person to assume, is not a simple English translation of company personnel on the line, needs to undergo a rigorous screening and capable people to work as interpreters, the company only guarantees the quality of translators to enhance the value of translation results, establish the company's brand. And then, from the company's management for companies to realize that competition is not a simple price competition, with prices to attract customers was not a desirable option, will result in vicious competition results, further leading to development of translation industry is difficult to break free.

Nobel pen also think build professional of service, upgrade brand value should became translation company development direction of preferred, focused Yu a a industry not from width but from depth Shang for exploration, company also can and cooperation customer for bundled type service, is for units and company provides package service, translation company on customer of needs for track, including business aspects of followed up and company staff training, series of service, is committed to put translation company playing caused language service institutions, To provide customers with the highest quality language translation services.

the importance of translation, translation company, media Messenger, shoulder the responsibility is enormous, Japan's development should not be confined to the immediate interests, pay attention to quality, continuously strengthening management is the way to survive