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Notice to customers

translated translations understands the importance of confidentiality to customers, and as a professional, Hefei translation translation of strict secrecy, before the beginning of each translation project to sign confidentiality agreements with clients and project participants. Requires staff to do the following:

1. no public or transmitted to a third party (including copying, photocopying, and use) customers any information, software, files, protocols, technologies, and services, and any other form of information.

2. agree to disclose all information to client-specific. Translation translation is translation and translated texts of patent, copyright, trade secret, or any other rights under the intellectual property rights belong to all translation translation has no right to dispose.

3. taking the necessary precautions to prevent disclosure of confidential information.

4. after each task is completed, return the customer's information.

5. after the termination of the contract with the customer, confidentiality clauses remained valid.

6. scope of confidential personnel: project managers, translators, and other contact information for all staff.

7. leak responsibility according to the relevant State laws and regulations.